A stats display (bottom middle) and scoreboard (top left) created and rendered with NodeCG.

NodeCG, co-author

Live graphics are hard. NodeCG is a javascript framework that enables any web developer to rapidly create and iterate on dynamic broadcast assets. Since NodeCG's graphics are webpages, they can be displayed in any environment that can render HTML. Namely, Open Broadcaster Software (via Faruton's Browser Source plugin) and CasparCG (via the new HTML producer). This means that live graphics no longer require expensive hardware; any PC capable of running OBS can render NodeCG graphics, and any web browser can control them.

NodeCG is currently used in production by several notable Twitch broadcasters and organizations, such as DansGaming, GiantWaffle, and Games Done Quick.


CEVO TF2 Match Mod, developer

CEVO, LLC needed an automated way of preparing, managing, and reporting competitive Team Fortress 2 matches played on their game servers. They contracted me to build a system to provide, amongst other features:

  • Per-player ready-up system
  • Constant reporting of match state to external API
  • Automatic replay recording and uploading
  • Automatic ruleset application
  • Protection from unauthorized ringers and "smurf" accounts
  • In-game alias and team tag enforcement
  • A smooth, automated match experience that required as little input from the players as possible

toth-overlay, lead programmer and designer

Tip of the Hats 2014 required a live graphics solution that could be implemented with nothing more than a desktop PC running Open Broadcaster Software. This complete live graphics package is built on Node.js, and the graphics themselves are coded entirely in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.


SOAP TF2DM and MGEMod, creator

Practice mods designed to help competitive Team Fortress 2 players improve their abilities. SOAP is an instant respawn team-deathmatch mod with custom spawn points. MGEMod is a 1v1 mod that allows for roughly a dozen simultaneous duels on a wide variety of arenas.

SizzlingStats, contributor

Live stat tracking for competitive Team Fortress 2 matches. I contributed the functionality to automatically record and upload replays of competitive matches, making them available for download on the same page as the stats.