The "4:3, 1 Player" layout, one of seven made for AGDQ 2015.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, live graphics developer

Myself and designer Chris Hanel were tasked with improving the stream experience for the millions of viewers watching the annual Awesome Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathon. Seven unique layouts were created to accommodate both the varying number of runners playing at any given time and the aspect ratio of the game being played. The graphics were also made to be mostly automated, constantly pulling the latest prize, donation, and schedule data and updating the display.

Live production is stressful, and the control interface for these graphics needed to be as simple as possible. A significant amount of design effort went into making it possible to use the control interface with only a minute or two of training. This made it possible for the on-site production crew to focus their attention on other aspects of the broadcast, without sacrificing the quality and timeliness of the graphics.

AGDQ 2015 was a tremendous success, raising 1.5 million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation -- a 50% increase over the previous year.

Halo: PAX Prime Showdown, TriCaster operator

The PAX Prime Showdown production came together in a remarkably short amount of time. I was brought in at the last minute to run the TriCaster and ensure the broadcast had a smooth and professional flow throughout its two-day duration. The event was a massive hit, peaking at over 27,000 concurrent viewers during the grand final.

Admirable and I casting the grand final.

Admirable and I casting the grand final.

Insomnia52, Team Fortress 2 assistant producer, commentator

At i52, I volunteered as an assistant producer for the Team Fortress 2 stream. I helped program the live graphics system, in addition to helping set up the stage, audio mixes, and cameras.

I also acted as one of two primary commentators for the three-day tournament, providing both play-by-play and expert analysis drawing from my seven years of experience in the game, as well as doing most of the player interviews.

Tip of the Hats, event and stream producer

Tip of the Hats is an annual charity livestream event benefiting One Step Camp, hosted by the competitive Team Fortress 2 community.

Held in March 2014, our most recent event lasted 36 hours and raised over $108,000. Players from around the world participated in the livestream and helped to make it one of the biggest events in Team Fortress 2 history, with more than 580,000 people tuning in.

As both an event and stream producer for Tip of the Hats, I am responsible for the quality and reliability of the broadcast, live graphics, donation tracking, and website.

Insomnia49, Team Fortress 2 stream producer

Insomnia49 (i49 for short) was a massive LAN party and tournament held in Telford, England. I traveled to the event with a professional North American Team Fortress 2 team as a producer, and was responsible for controlling the in-game camerawork, triggering on-stream graphics, and scene switching.

CEVO, TF2 League Consultant

I was brought in during the planning stages of Season 4 to help revitalize the league after poor registration numbers in Season 3. Months of planning and community outreach resulted in a massive increase in team registration, going from 7 teams (Season 3) to 68 (Season 4).